(These offerings, categorized as Aquatic Bodywork, are forms of massage in warm water)

 Watsu and Waterdance are two of the most profoundly healing aquatic bodywork modalities of our time. 




 Floating ... Drifting ... Dreaming ...



                        This is where Watsu begins -



                                    .... where life begins - in water.



      Watsu was developed by Harold Dull almost 30 years ago when he experimented with floating his Zen Shiatsu students in warm, natural springs in Harbin, California.  Harold saw the unique possibilities inherent in combining techniques of aquatic massage with the stretching and energy work of Zen Shiatsu. 



    A Watsu session is typically one hour in length and is given in a shallow,warm pool: water between 94 and 98 degrees - the surface temperature of the skin - is optimal. The depth of the water can range from three to five feet. The client is floated and supported in the arms of the practitioner.  The face never dips below the surface.


      The session begins as the practitioner connects with the client's breath.  Using this breath as the rhythm and connection for the entire session, the client is gently guided through the water. Techniques of Shiatsu and massage are used to stretch the body and lengthen the spine.  

  As muscles are relaxed and stretched, tension is released and holding patterns are loosed. 




 As ever deeper levels of relaxation are achieved, the client experiences the flow of the freedom of movement and  moments of perfect stillness. 








 The journey expands


     Waterdance was developed in 1987 in Switzerland by Arjana Brunschwiler and Peter Schroter. In this aquatic bodywork form, the receiver is taken below the surface of the water by the practitioner who uses the breath rhythm as a "partner" in the dance. Guiding the client below and above the surface expands the spacial possibilities of movement and the depth of the work.  


     Waterdance is considered an advanced aquatic bodywork modality and as such should only be practiced by experienced, qualified professionals. Clients are encouraged to experience a Watsu session first, before deciding if moving below the surface is right for them. 




  Floated in warm water, the body is allowed freedom from the confines of gravity.  It is within this boundless environment of warmth and movement through all planes that Watsu and Waterdance sessions unfold.

The mind becomes quiet and the spirit is free to explore.

The possibilities are endless.



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The Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association oversees the curriculum standards and practitioner requirements for all who wish to become certified in Watsu and Waterdance. Learn more at www.waba.edu or www.watsu.com