Adult Swimming Lessons

 "When a student is ready, a teacher appears"

                                                           Buddhist Proverb


Many adults have never learned to swim, and therefore are uncomfortable or even fearful around deep water. There is a multitude of reasons why this might be the case, ranging from a frightening experience related to the water, to a simple lack of time for or access to learning. There are some adults who fear even dipping their heads below the water's surface.  


My clients tell me time and again that they cannot believe that they have actually learned - and that 

getting there was such a positive experience.  


 I have found that there are many adults who would like to learn to become confident in the water, to reconnect and feel safe, to enjoy the water for exercise or relaxation, or to share in the joyful, watery world alongside children or grandchildren. But many adults feel out of place or awkward in a public or group class setting. Perhaps they fear that the group will move along too quickly or too slowly to meet their needs or that they will be put in an embarrassing situation by being asked to do something they do not feel ready to do.  None of us welcome that kind of public vulnerability. Children are expected to express their fears, (or they have none!) yet somehow those expectations change as we mature.  


There are also adult athletes who dream of participating in their first triathlon, but feel that their skills in the water will hold them back from accomplishing this goal. I have helped many individuals find joy and confidence in the water; and many of them are now using water-related activities as their main source of exercise to maintain health and well-being. Some who expressed the greatest doubts at the beginning are now swimming miles at a time! 


I meet my clients where they are.  We move forward at YOUR pace. I honor those who decide to "take the plunge"; to conquer a fear or to learn a new skill that will inevitably lead to great satisfaction simply because they have made the decision to take up the challenge. I am inspired by the drive, dedication and determination that my adult students bring to the pool. I take nothing for granted.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this process.


There are no "rules". Your goals are my goals. If you are ready, I am too.  It would be my absolute pleasure to take this journey with you.  Email today.  What are you waiting for?


Monica Cardwell WSI, LMT