Aquatic Personal Training

 ~One-on-One sessions~

~ Aquatic Rehabilitation ~

~ Range of Motion Exercises ~

~Strengthen and Tone Muscles~

~The ultimate environment for stretching ~

~ Cross Training ~

~Personalized Aquatic Fitness Workouts~

~Cardio Water Workouts~ 



 Aqua Aerobics Classes

Gather a group of friends, family or community members and enjoy Aquatic Workouts together! Make YOU a priority in your daily routine. Take care of your body, enjoy the camaraderie of others, stay motivated, get in the water. These classes are one hour in length and are customized to fit the needs of the group. Whether you desire a calorie-burning high energy workout; a stretch and tone; an aquatic waterwalking or jogging class; calisthenics or dance format; range of motion; movement meditation or a diverse combination of methods, I am sure we will create the perfect water workout for your group.

   Music and Motivation provided!

 All classes conveniently held at your location

All classes sold as packages of six or more sessions


Yes, it all happens in the water.  Resistance and bouyancy present a unique combination of forces to build strength, tone muscles and burn calories.  Water is gentle on the joints and allows us to access a greater range of motion with comfort. The water can provide a challenging workout for people of any age or fitness level.  

And, best of all - IT'S FUN!!!



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Monica Cardwell, AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional