"The most Important and Impressive aspect of Monica's swim lessons is that she designs programs specifically geared toward the goal of each individual she works with. I went from aquaphobic (an adult fearful of even putting my head in the water) to aqua-no-more-phobic. Monica is fun, energetic and has great teqnique. She offers one on one instruction paying attention to individual abilities and challenges. I can't stop swimming now!"                                     

                                                    Pooja - Mumbai, India



"Monica has taught our three children to swim and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any family.

She is truly an inspiring swim teacher.

Our two eldest children now compete in swimming at county level in England and our youngest son was afraid of the water until Monica gently introduced him to the water."            

                                Jenny and Anthony Adams - England



"In my opinion, Monica was a water angel sent from heaven. At the age of 58, after numerous attempts to learn to swim, I finally decided I was going to do it. I observed Monica on a regular basis teaching young children and adults alikeand decided that she was up to the challenge of teaching me. The first day I got in the pool I was afraid to put my head under water and didn't even know how to blow bubbles! By the end of my first lesson, Monica had taught me enough to swim two laps across the pool. I was totally exhilarated by my achievement and amazed at Monica's ability.

Two years later, I swim 1/2 mile most every day and Monica is still teaching me new teqniques. She is a patient, sensitive and skilled instructor and now also a friend."      

                       Bettina Whyte - Naples, Jackson Hole, New York



"I cannot recommend "Miss Monica" highly enough. She has taught my son since he was 18 months old and it was amazing to watch him progress into such a confident swimmer by the time he was 3. At 4 years old he is now learning all of the strokes, even the Butterfly! I never imagined that I would feel comfortable enough to remove our pool fence before he was at least 6, but I have. Monica has an amazing way with children and gained my son's confidence immediately. She always makes the lessons fun with all sorts of toys and games and plays along with all of his ideas and imaginary friends too! She has an endless amount of patience and kindness and I am most grateful to her.
                                           Melanie Hanson - Naples, FL




“Monica effortlessly teaches swimming though play.  Our children barely noticed that they were having a swim lesson, they thought it was just a play date with a pretty cool lady.  Monica had my two girls overcome their apprehension of the water in no time.  They learned to hold their hold their breath, breathe, and swim just as quickly with the games that Monica played with our girls.  Our girls could hardly wait to take another lesson.  

Monica was the 4th instructor we had and by far the best swim instructor we have ever seen.  In fact, Monica is the best instructor that we have had for anything (swimming, tennis, or skiing).  If you have the opportunity to have Monica teach your children, you should take it, you and your children will be delighted.  Monica is the standard that you will use to measure all future instructors for your children.”

                                               Dr. Richard Berger - Chicago, IL



Monica A. Cardwell, LMT,WSI



email: innerwaveswatsu@hotmail.com