Children's Swimming Lessons 


Ahhhhh ... Southwest Floridaahhhh

.... a perfect year-round environment for learning to swim. 


In Southwest Florida, children have access to water at almost every turn, and their lives are tied to water on many fronts: a birthday pool party; a home pool; water playdates; days at the beach year-round. Whether you are a resident who is concerned about your child's safety and physical and social development, or a visitor who understands that swimming lessons in Florida offer valuable, experienced teaching advantages, you want quality swimming instruction for your child. Your search ends here!    

A child develops the necessary physiological skills for moving through water at the same time as they develop skills for moving on land.  If your child can roll over in the crib, your child can learn to roll over in the pool. Is your child crawling? He or she can learn to "crawl" through the water and to climb out of a pool. Walking? He or she is ready to learn to swim.                                                                             

Physiologically, it IS that simple. 



Every child's personality is different.  Some are more hesitant, others less cautious.  Some need "proof", and need to ask questions. Some learn by seeing; some by doing; some by associating. All children need to know that they are loved, valued and listened to; a child's trust must be earned.

And of course, All children learn more quickly and easily when they are having FUN!


The challenge for a good teacher in any discipline is to meet each child where he or she is, and to build on what the child already knows to develop new skills. With private swimming lessons children develop skills more quickly because full focus and attention are given to the needs of the individual.  A personal sense of accomplishment and confidence in the water is carried out of the pool as your child gains trust in his or her own abilities. Whether you child is a beginner or needs advanced swimming skill development, this one-on-one approach produces solid results.


~ Lessons are either 30 or 60 minutes in length (depending on the child's age and experience in the water) and are held at a location that YOU decide on.  

~Water safety is addressed in EVERY lesson  

~A discount is offered for booking a block of six lessons

~Cancellation Policy: I realize that children can pose some challenges in terms of scheduling. I will do my very best to consider your circumstances in the case of an unavoidable last minute cancellation.  My standard policy is to be given the courtesy of a minimum 24 hour advance notice of cancellation. If less than 24 hour notice is given, the full cost of the lesson will be collected. 

~ I will respond to all inquiries promptly.

~I am ALWAYS happy to answer your questions or address your concerns by phone or email.



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